The Spirit of Giving

photoI work here, but I can take no credit for many of the amazing things that happen in Worthington Schools every day.  Throughout the holiday season we see many incredible and selfless acts of kindness.  One such event happens annually with our students at Worthington Kilbourne High School and Linworth Alternative High School.

photo (1)During the months of October and November, families in need fill out an application at St. Michael’s Church in Worthington or at a Worthington elementary school. Applications are screened by school nurses and St. Michael’s representatives. The applications of families with young children who are living in the Worthington School District are forwarded to the WKHS student council advisors. The student council advisors divide the children across classes that meet during Worthington Kilbourne’s third period so that approximately 25 WKHS students are supporting one “adopted” child. A student council representative is then assigned to each third period class to lead the donation campaign among those students. A class competition ensues to see which class can attain the highest average donation per student. The goals are to raise between $100-$125 per child and an average donation of $5 per student in each class in 10 school days. Three years ago WKHS invited students of the Linworth Alternative Program to participate in this campaign and they have “adopted” two or three children each year since.

Family names of the children are never revealed and gifts are delivered by members of the Dublin-Worthington photo (2)Rotary Club so that confidentiality is maintained. This year WKHS and Linworth Alternative combined to serve 54 children in 18 families. Over the 22-year history of this annual community service project, the WKHS Student Council has raised $159,299.21 and served 1293 children in the Worthington School district.

In addition, our Worthington Kilbourne High School Principal, Ms. Angie Adrean received the following email last week.  Caution:  This is amazing, incredibly super cool, awesome, humbling, and it may make you cry….

“My name is __________ and during the holidays I help families in need get the Christmas they deserve! Early this month I was contacted by one of your students, __________, and he said he wanted to help. He told me “I want to donate my November pay check to help families in need.” Earlier today I met with him where he donated $4,000 dollars! Not only is that a huge donation but it is going to give 7 families the Christmas they deserve!
When he told me he wanted to donate his pay check I had no idea it would be that much! He said to me that he wanted to give back and the reason for that is because of a program you guys do called “Adopt a Child” I think that is amazing. You are making a difference on these kids lives and I am truly blessed that _______ called me and I thank you for that!!”

Without question if you are living in Worthington you have been blessed.  It’s important that our students understand how much has been provided to them and that they work to give back to others.  It’s great to see our high school students looking outside of themselves and giving back to the community.  Go Wolves!  Go Newts!

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