Blog Changes

change-simon-wordle-24Over the past two years I have used this site to post over two-hundred different blogs that relate in some way to my role with Worthington Schools.  Sometimes the blogs were designed to provide insight into our decision-making or to explain a change that was happening within the district.  Other times the blogs highlighted people or activities within our school district.  Occasionally they were about my own struggles as a parent and a district administrator.

When I began the blog it was intended to provide a window into our organization.  My intent was to communicate informally and honestly and to help you better understand or relate to the day-to-day goings on in the district.  The blog has afforded me the opportunity to connect with staff members and community members on a regular basis.  When it’s worked best the blog has created two-way communication and has served as a conduit to create face-to-face communication in our schools and in our neighborhoods.

By most measures we feel like this medium for communication has been successful.  So much so, that we think it’s best to move our blogging to a new site and to expand its reach.  Beginning today I, and others, will be blogging at our new site “Absolute Excellence“.  You will be able to reach this site by simply clicking on “Absolute Excellence” or by going to the front page of the Worthington Schools Website and clicking on “Worthington Blog

Our hope for the new site will be to communicate with our stakeholders in informative but informal ways.  We believe that if you read this blog regularly you will learn things about the school district that you did not know. You’ll gain insight into how and why decisions are made, and you’ll hear about the school district from the perspective of administrators, educators, parents and community members…sometimes all at the same time.

If you currently subscribe to this blog via email please subscribe to “Absolute Excellence”  (You will see a little+ in the lower right hand side of your screen.  If you click on that you will be able to enter your email to subscribe.  Please do and please share the site with your friends!)

My plan moving forward will be to primarily blog on the new site.  I will keep this site live to serve as a repository and may still post from time to time things that are more personal related (but still related to Worthington Schools).

Thanks for taking the time to read some of what I’ve written these last few years.  I hope you’ll continue this journey with us at the new site.

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