School’s Out For Summer….

photoToday is the last day of the 2013-2014 school year for Worthington.  Originally we were scheduled to complete the school year yesterday (5.29.14) but because school was closed for seven days throughout our extremely cold winter, today was used as a make-up day.  Across the school district students will complete finals, enjoy field days, classroom parties, and clap-outs.  It will be a good day!

In our house it’s been a good year for each of my daughters.  We’ve been blessed with teachers who really match the personalities of our kids and who clearly care about both their academic and emotional needs.  I personally hate to see this year-end as our kids have loved being in school.

As a former teacher the last day was always bittersweet.  It meant the end of meaningful relationships but it was also a relief.  It meant rest was near as was a chance to rejuvenate.  I think I was as excited as the kids were when the final school bell rang.

I know how I felt and thus when I received an email yesterday from one of my daughter’s teachers I was both shocked and thankful.  I was shocked because the teacher was inviting the entire class to a movie at a local theatre one morning next week (the week after school was out!). The movie ties into the current unit of study and they didn’t have time to watch it during the school year.  So, on her first week off of school, her first week of freedom from these 24 kids, she is inviting all of them to join her to watch the movie.  I was shocked.  Who does that?  Why isn’t she going to the pool, sleeping in, reading a book? Does she really want to see my kid another day?

I was shocked, but mostly I was thankful.  Thankful because my child spent the last year in the care of someone who likes kids this much and thankful that our school district employees teachers who don’t care if it’s a scheduled day or if it’s into the evening – they’re going to go above and beyond for kids.

Today is the last day of school this year.  But, my kid will see her teacher again next week.  How cool is that?


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