There’s a New Principal at Mill Valley Elementary

1619485_10203585895671939_1181489392_nLast night the Marysville Board of Education approved the contract of my friend Amey McGlenn as the next Principal of Mill Valley Elementary.  The decision by Marysville Superintendent, Diane Mankins was not only a good decision, it was a GREAT decision and I’m happy for Amey, for the staff at Mill Valley, and mostly for the kids of Marysville.

In the spring of 2001 I left Worthington Schools (I was the dean of students at McCord Middle School) to become an assistant principal at Creekview Intermediate School in Marysville.  Creekview was a new concept still under construction and when I began my job in June of that summer Mr. Kannally and I worked out of the Mill Valley Elementary office.  (Tim got the guidance office and I worked in a closet used at the time for the old Ohio Reads program…#NewGuyProblems)

In 2002 when I was again opening a new school, this time Navin Elementary, I had the unique opportunity to hire a significant number of new teachers.  One of those new teachers was directly out of college in Rhode Island.  She was a brash, confident New Englander with the last name of Fregeolle.  She would teach 4th grade in room 212 with teammates Karen Hanson, Becky Yurasek and Michelle Jenkins. And teach she did….

I could tell many an Amey McGlenn story.  But from the start as a 24 year-old first year teacher she was a star.  She connected with kids and parents.  She was organized and well-prepared and she always exhibited a level of maturity beyond her years.  Marysville recognized these traits and she’s broadened her impact as an instructional coach and now will broaden it again as a school principal.

Amey will lead instructional improvement and will create a positive culture in Marysville.  She’ll lead in a school in a community she not only lives in, but she’s passionate about.  I watched my mentor in educational leadership do three important things.  I strive to do them (but don’t always succeed) and I believe Amey will strive to do them:

1.  Take care of people

2.  Model service to others

3.  Listen

As an old guy in educational leadership teachers I hired right out of college are becoming principals.  It’s really a cool experience.  I’m proud of Amey’s work to date and excited about the impact she’ll have as a building leader.  If you’re looking for a school for your child outside of Franklin County (inside is a no-brainer I’d look to Mill Valley Elementary.  Their new principal is an east coast transplant with firmly planted midwestern roots.


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One Response to There’s a New Principal at Mill Valley Elementary

  1. Barry says:

    Amey is a great choice for principal! Students, parents, teachers and staff will all benefit from her knowledge and leadership!

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