The Worthington Advantage For My Kids

CamThere are many incredible advantages that we enjoy by living and working in Worthington Schools.  Recently I had an experience that reminded me of that advantage.

As a dad of three active daughters, and the husband of a wife who works full-time, there is a significant amount of communication and coordination required to make certain everyone in the family gets to their scheduled locations on time.  Sometimes we even remember to pick them up and bring them home.

In this vein, last Friday my wife and I reviewed our daily schedule.  It was determined that my wife would make certain my fourth grade daughter got to her book club on time at Panera and that she would make certain my daughter had money to buy her drink and snack.  It was my job to be at Panera by 5:30 P.M. to pick my daughter up, just like it had been my job a week earlier to download the book needed for book club onto my daughter’s Kindle.

Yes, you’re reading this correctly and this is where the Worthington advantage comes in.  My fourth grade daughter is involved in a regular book club with a group of friends and each month a different girl picks the book for the club, writes the discussion questions, and determines the location.  Friday’s book was “Isabelle” which is an American Girl book based on the American Girl doll of the year for 2014.  (If you don’t know about American Girl dolls, the doll of the year is a really, really, really big deal.  And, most of the American Girl books are excellent historical fiction books.)

When I arrived at Panera my daughter was sunk into a rich leather chair.  Her book was on her lap and she was sipping a Mocha Frappe. Seriously, rough life!  But, the cool thing is, she was reading and discussing her book with her friends.  How cool is that!  At nine years old my daughter and her friends have taken Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee to a whole new level.  They’re reading, discussing, and having a ball doing it.

In Worthington many of our kids have significant advantages.  One such advantage is that my daughter has a group of friends that read together for fun.  All I have to do as a dad is download the book (one click ordering from Amazon) and remember to pick her up.  We’re very, very lucky!

If you’d like to read about another advantage we enjoy in Worthington check out our school district blog: Absolute Excellence


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