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Tomorrow (1/3/2015) Worthington Kilbourne and Thomas Worthington will meet on the basketball court where the boys teams will compete against one another.  (Freshman at noon, JV at 1:30 and Varsity at 3:00.  Games at WKHS.)  These games are always highly competitive and fiercely contested.  For our high school athletes the game is a true rivalry game and one that both teams want to win.  Our athletes from each high school have grown up together.  They competed on the same youth booster teams, the same AAU teams, and regardless of what high school they attend they know each other well.  It’s fun to watch them compete, it’s fun to watch their fans cheer loudly, but in the end, we’re all on the same team. Team Worthington!

In October we rolled out our social media hashtag #ForWorthington (A social media hashtag is a way to categorize social media posts on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  The ForWorthington hashtag is an internal reminder that the schools serve the greater Worthington community and our job is to help all students succeed.).  Just before the holidays we rolled out shirts with #ForWorthington  on them.  Our hope was that all across Worthington a wave of support and enthusiasm for Worthington Schools would blossom.

222432worthingtonMany people have asked how they can get a #ForWorthington shirt.  We have run out of shirts from our first order.  But there is an online store where you can order a #ForWorthington shirt and have it shipped directly to your house.  Click here to access that store.

In this store (which is not affiliated in any way with Worthington Schools but is run by a Worthington Kilbourne High School alumnus) you can also purchase a wide variety of “Worthington” apparel.  These items are not unique to any one school but instead show your pride for Worthington!  The blue color used in the logo is intended to be our neutral Worthington blue.

Worthington has 2 traditional high schools that compete in athletics and overall we have 19 different schools with strong individual cultures.  We’re proud of the individual schools and the allegiance that they create with their students, parents and alumni.  There are many places where you can purchase clothing specific to your school.  (We love that and appreciate the school pride!)

Our hope with these offerings is that we will begin to unify as a community and show our pride in being part ofWorthingtonLogo Worthington Schools!  Whether you’re just heading to the local grocery store or you’re walking down the beach in Florida, wearing Worthington attire is sure to strike up a conversation with an alumnus or someone who has a connection with Worthington.  If you’re interested in purchasing Worthington gear, click here.  (If you know someone who might be interested in purchasing Worthington gear, send them the link.)

The hope in this endeavor  is to create enthusiasm, pride and excitement around our great school district! #OneWorthington #ForWorthington!

One Worthington Online Store

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