243 Days

images 2It’s been 243 days since the Worthington Board of Education announced that I would be the next Superintendent of Worthington Schools (btw that’s a whole year on Venus!)  Today is the day! Please don’t contact me today.  I’ll be very busy today changing my email signature, my twitter description, etc… to say “Superintendent.”  (21st Century tasks…. and J/K I’m available and working.  Please contact me…)

Many people have asked about the transition phase.  It’s unlikely that many CEO transitions last as long as this one did, although certainly there are some examples that are longer.  With the luxury of being able to look back with clarity, the 243 days was really, really beneficial for me personally and hopefully for all of Worthington Schools.

First off, I appreciate Dr. Thomas Tucker in this transition.  He acted with class and provided me the space necessary to move forward.  Inevitably from time to time I stepped on his toes and overstepped my bounds. He usually handled it well.  Secondly, this time allowed me to spend significant time building relationships across the school district.  I was able to meet with many constituent groups as well as hold community meetings about our school district.  This engagement provides both myself and our Board of Education clear direction moving forward and a better understanding regarding the priorities of our community.  Third, I had an opportunity to handle the “snow day call.”  Sometimes our community would say I did it right.  Sometimes our community might say I failed miserably.  Likely they’ll feel the same way next year as they did this year but I head into inclement weather with some experience.  Finally, the 243 day transition allowed me to get to know the other Central Ohio Superintendents and create a support system that will benefit Worthington as we partner with others to create shared solutions that make Central Ohio the education leader of Ohio.

Today I move one office over at the Worthington Education Center.  I’ll change my office phone number.  I’ll change my email, twitter description and business cards.  But with 243 days behind me not much else will change.  I’ve been blessed to have had the time to learn the job with a safety net.  We’re 49 days from the start of the 2015-2016 school year for students in Worthington.  Over the next 49 days our team will discuss “what matters most” in Worthington.  We’ll work with all staff so that every Worthington student has a trusted adult who they know believes in them.  We’ll work tirelessly to make Worthington a great public school district.

It’s been a fun 243 days.  Onward!

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5 Responses to 243 Days

  1. Karen Holt says:

    Onward, indeed! Looking forward to your leadership!

  2. Jan Fish says:

    Congratulations and best wishes Trent. I have every confidence in your ability to lead the Worthington district into the future and am excited to see your stamp on this great community.

  3. Terri Goldring says:

    On the eve of your first day as Superintendent, PARRC is no more – pretty impressive start! 😉 Best wishes in your now official new role!

  4. Terri Goldring says:

    PARCC! It’s a good thing we’ve dropped it, since I spelled it wrong! 😦 Feel free to edit/drop post!

  5. Ann Shelly says:


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