Worthington Schools – It’s Worth It

On August 18th we released our new video “Worthington – It’s Worth It”  I hope you have taken the time to watch the video and that you enjoy seeing some familiar faces.  This is our attempt to share “the story of Worthington Schools.”  Several teachers, community members, and students, are featured in the video.  Here’s what they actually said:  (It’s fun to read, because I think they hit the nail on the head and point out some of what we’re really proud of in Worthington Schools.)

“Worthington Schools has a strong tradition of excellence and our community has high expectations for our schools.  In Worthington we strive to provide a well-rounded education for all of our children.  This means we have a rigorous curriculum, we have caring teachers who strive to make a positive difference and connect with our students and we offer many activities and clubs.  We call this a “Both / And” approach.  We’re not striving just to make a difference on test scores, we want our students engaged in curriculum, we want them engaged in activities and clubs and sports that provide them a well-rounded opportunity.  Our students in Worthington walk out college and career ready.  They’re ready for the workplace, they’re ready for college, but more importantly, they’re life ready.  They’re full of grit and perseverance.  In Worthington we do this with a stable and lean budget.  Every dollar we spend is analyzed carefully to make sure it’s best spent for student success.  We invite you to take a look at our Worthington Schools website, connect with us on social media and better yet come see first hand what a Worthington education looks like in our schools.” – Dr. Trent Bowers, Superintendent

“I definitely think the teachers here are all very genuine and they all love their job so that actually like makes the students like want to come to school.”  – Caroline (middle school student)

“First of all, we chose Worthington for a lot of different things.  One of which was obviously the schools.”  – Phil Giessler (Worthington Grandparent, Realtor)

“Being a product of the district, having taught for the district, and being a parent of children within the district, it has such a community feel to it.” – Jen Shaver (Parent)

“Everybody that’s there is just so involved.  There’s always events that I’m volunteering for or that everybody’s involved in. We’re always trying to get the whole community involved.” –  Stephanie Woodrow (Parent)

“Well I have to say we have a really amazing parent community.  Families are so involved, it feels really good to live here and work here, I know people on a professional and a personal basis.  It’s really cool to see kids in the neighborhood.”  – Kate Kennedy (Teacher)

“Ms ______ is my favorite teacher.  She’s nice and she helps us a lot.  She’s loving!”  – Camden (Elementary Student)

“As we have a child at high school, middle school and elementary school we’ve seen the diversity of programs offered and the quality of programs.  The teachers are phenomenal!”  – Jennifer Button (Parent)

“I graduated from Worthington Kilbourne and went on to Ohio State to play soccer and study finance there.  Just going to Worthington City Schools my whole life has really prepared me for college and post graduation and getting a job and starting my career.”  – Sage Gardner (Graduate)

“My boy is going to go to Harvard.  Worthington prepared him for that.” – Jason Liu (Parent, Business Owner)

“One of the things that the Worthington Schools does give us is a sense of diversity.  And by allowing our kids to meet other kids whether it is ethnic diversity or religious diversity that’s something that really enables them to learn what it’s like to live in the real world.” – Rabbi Rick (Parent, Religious Leader)

“My younger daughter Erin attended Kilbourne just for her freshman year and wanted to explore the Linworth Alternative Program.  She’s a junior now and not only does she love the program, she is thriving there.  To have that option and that choice just meant the world to us.  That she could attend school and actually like school.”  – Kathy Riebel (Parent)

“Both of the high schools have several different programs to help get your child prepared for college.  Especially the STEM program and the International Baccalaureate Program, so it’s worth the effort to come to Worthington.  Most definitely.”  – Rebecca Billingslea (Parent)

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One Response to Worthington Schools – It’s Worth It

  1. Christen Coyle says:

    Our family is looking forward to the day when we can also boast that Worthington starts all of its students off right by offering all-day kindergarten to all of those who are interested – like some nearby suburbs (Grandview!) Definitely #itsworthit

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