Reflecting on Summer

IMG_0443We start school in Worthington Schools in just one week.  It’s been a good summer for our family and I hope the same is true for your family.  As a parent who is raising three daughters we had a lot we wanted to accomplish.  It’s true that the days are long but the years are short and we really wanted to maximize the summer with our family.

As summer comes to an end as parents we were feeling pretty good about things.  The kids had been to several summer camps.  We went to the beach as a family.  We hiked a section of the Appalachian Trail to the top of McAfee Knob, we attended outdoor movies, fireworks, had smores by the fire and long days at the pool.  It was summer and it was glorious!

Well mostly it was glorious.  This week my soon to be fourth grade daughter went to the pediatrician for her annual check-up.  The Dr. checked her over and talked with her about summer.  After listening to my daughter list off her many fun summer activities she asked a simple question:  how many books did you read this summer?  Simple question.

As you know, I’m the Superintendent of Schools.  My amazing wife is also a trained educator and taught elementary school for many years.  We value learning at a very high level and we care deeply about the growth of our kids.  (I’m attempting to convince you of this for what comes next….)  The Dr. asked the simple question of how many books did you read this summer and my daughter proudly blurts out: NONE!  I’m like really?  Couldn’t you have pretended you were ashamed of this, or better yet, couldn’t you have maybe said, my Mom and Dad really worked hard with me on my reading but we didn’t read many entire books….

So, as school starts next week I’d say if you didn’t accomplish everything you wanted this summer, it’s O.K.  Neither did our family.


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One Response to Reflecting on Summer

  1. Shilpa says:

    This may be your best post! Love it!

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