I’m heading back to McCord

mccord_mustangs_middle_school_columbus_ohio_greeting_card-r800cc5528bb54a3a9a3c51b2d7dc8168_xvuak_8byvr_324Last February I participated in the Shadow a Student Challenge designed by the School Retool Network.  Last year I spent the day at Thomas Worthington High School shadowing Quinn Mottice.  This year I have chosen to participate again (although one day before the challenge actually begins) to shadow McCord Middle School student Ella Brown.

The goal of the Shadow a Student Challenge is for administrators to gain a better perspective on the student experience in our schools.  I’m excited about my opportunity tomorrow and can’t wait to be back at McCord.

In 1986, I was an 8th grade student at McCord.  The school was brand new and after having spent 7th grade as a student at Perry Middle School my neighborhood was redistricted and I was sent to McCord.  As the first class there, we were able to vote on the school colors (blue and silver) and pick the mascot (Mustangs, although I voted for Mavericks as the movie Top Gun had just come out.  The colors and mascot have since changed to align with Worthington Kilbourne High School.)   My memories as a student in class are very limited.  I remember more about riding on the ski club bus to Snow Trails and jamming to Bon Jovi and The Beastie Boys at school dances than I do any one academic moment.

In 1999, I returned to McCord as the Dean of Students.  I had actually interviewed at McCord to teach Language Arts in 1996 but I was not selected for the position. (A team of teachers conducted the interview.  Current Worthington teachers Mark Shannon, Christy Shannon, Robert Estice and Kevin Finnegan were all part of not selecting me for a teaching position.  I’m considering forgiving them soon….) I spent two great years at McCord as the dean and football coach.  I taught with Greg Ross, Dave Murphy, the aforementioned Estice, Finnegan, Shannons and Worthington legends now-retired, Tim Dove, Janet Lanka and Janet Ellis. Our football staff included Bill Wolford, Jeff Todd, Mark Gallagher and my dad, Dick Bowers.  Our starting cornerback was a scrawny kid named Colt Cunningham.  While he teaches for us now at Kilbourne Middle, he still reminds me that I should have started him at quarterback.  

I left McCord in 2001 to become an assistant principal in Marysville Schools and now, 16 years later, I am set to spend my first full-day at McCord since those days I look fondly upon.  I plan to write about my observations from my day back in school and some observations from my time riding school buses yesterday on our blog sister site Absolute Excellence on Monday, February 6th.  If you’d like to follow along tomorrow I’ll post updates on my twitter feed @tbowers3.

I’m looking for a McCord Mustangs shirt to wear tomorrow.  We’ll see if that pans out.  I’ve checked the lunch menu (It’s Donatos Pizza day, score!) Thanks ahead of time to Ella Brown for letting the old Superintendent tag along for the day.  

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