three-peat.jpgAt our most recent Worthington Board of Education meeting the board recognized the Thomas Worthington Girls Field Hockey team for winning their third straight Ohio State Field Hockey Championship. This year’s team went 21-0 and outscored their opponents by a combined score of 117-6.  They were a dominant team that played disciplined field hockey.  It was a pleasure to watch them compete and certainly an honor to get to award them their medals.

In looking back in Worthington’s history I believe this field hockey team is the first Worthington team to win three consecutive State Championships since the Boys 1989, 1990 and 1991 Lacrosse teams from Worthington High School.

According to the May 29, 1991 edition of the Worthington Suburban News, the Cardinals “mashed” Cincinnati Moeller winning the championship 15-6.  The three-peat was led by legendary Worthington lacrosse players, Keith Poss, Will Morris, Bob Basom, Jon Mackey, Jeff Tyack, Dalan Zartman and Raif Webster.  Youngsters Craig Kahoun, John Lyons, Ryan Pirnat, Jason Turpening and Scott Cebul played major roles on the team.

Some have said that the 89, 90 and 91 teams which also included legends like Tim James, Jon Tyack, and Dave Bickell were like a cast of Marvel Superheros playing against mere mortals.  I’ve heard those athletes described as a team full of Bo Jackson’s in his prime playing against middle schoolers.  They were a dominant bunch for sure.

The 1992 season brought the opening of Worthington Kilbourne High School.  Future college lacrosse players Jamie Tyack, Mike Szabo and Corey Kahoun went to play at Kilbourne.  The 92 Thomas team made it back to the state championship game but fell in defeat in a rematch with Cincinnati Moeller.  

Next year our girls field hockey team will have a chance to do something that the 1992 boys lacrosse team could not.  It will be fun to see if the team led by Sarah Charley, Isabelle Perese and Rachel Rinaldi can make it happen!  Go for four!

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